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WalletCase® DUO 6/6S - 6 Plus/6S Plus

  • $ 999

Sporting a truly minimalist design, the back pocket WalletCase™ DUO feature built-in pocket, good for 3-4 of your most used cards, while the full bumper snap-one case offers full protection for your iPhone. As stylish as they are functional, each WalletCase™ DUO is handcrafted from your choice of 2 different colored leathers ( Raz-Red or Jet-Black ) held together with heavy duty saddle thread, along with a matching Polycarbonate shell 

    • Along with a full protective case made of Polycarbonate shell, it features credit card slots, pocket for your cash and driver’s license, all in a super slim design. Available in Jet Black and Raz Red colors.
      • Protects your phone from 6.6-foot (2 meter) drops with full Polycarbonate shell
      • Hand made from genuine leather 
      • Inner crash shell with foam panels deflects impacts
      • Back-pocket hold up to 4 cards and cash
      • Stitched with a beautiful match-colored heavy duty saddle thread
      • Optional SumoGaurd Screen protector available to guard the iPhone's screen
      • Fits the following models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s plus


Like most minimalist wallets, the DUO Minimalist case is thin, features a high-quality leather construction, and comes with separate pocket to store your ID and frequently used cards. It features the cleverly-designed bumper case which takes care of accidental drops. It neatly holds your bills without having to fold them over more than once or twice.

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