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SpyGlass™ iPhone 6/6S - Plus Privacy Screen

  • $ 1499

SpyGlass™ iPhone Privacy Screen Guard. Keep it personal! Personal information should be just that. The all new SpyGlass™ for iPhone 6/6Plus protects your on-screen data in high traffic areas while protecting the fragile surface of iPhone's screen from scuffs, drop and scratches.  

  • Quad-layer tempered glass screen protector provides full glass protection while ensuring that your screen is safe from unwanted views. Easy to apply and remove, SpyGlass™ Privacy Screen takes advantage of microlouver privacy technology so you can use your iPhone in public without revealing confidential information. You clearly see the information on your phone while people at your side only see a darkened screen.
    • Prevents and protect your LCD screen from unwanted peepers, while keeping the LCD screen clean and unscratched
    • iPhone's screen will be completely black when viewed from left or right at a 35 degree angle
    • Inner silicone layer absorbs shocks and vibration
    • Anti-scratch shield layer protects the touchscreen
    • Leaves no residue when removed 
      • The SpyGlass Privacy screen Guard keeps information private. No matter what angle your phone is at, the screen can only be viewed straight on.


    Enjoy peace-of-mind when using your iPhone in public with SpyGlass 4-Way privacy technology. Its innovative versatility blocks your screen view from potential onlookers whether you’re using your phone horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait). ( fits the new S models ) 


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