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About Us

We're not just Apple® friendly, We're Apple® only!

It’s all in the name. At CoverCase® we concentrate on what we do best - making cases, pure and simple. We focus our energy towards creating the ultimate protection.

Some companies call it the development process. At CoverCase® we call it 'excitement research.' Using cutting edge in-house technology at the impact advanced R&D lab in New York, we simulate prototypes and apply the highest level of engineering, craftsmanship and design to create them.

We combine this process with feedback gleaned from our drop tests and crash test every case. Then we repeat, over and over again, until we are convinced that what we have produced is the best it can possibly be in protecting your Apple devices. We live and breathe research and development. Not just to differentiate ourselves from the rest, but to ensure that we live up to our promise of bringing you the most innovative and forward-thinking covers and cases.

We reinvent Covers...

We take the unloved plastic Covers in Apple® arena and make simple, beautiful, thoughtful Cases.

How we design iPhone cases
We focus on making cases that are simple, fresh and protective. All CoverCase® products are manufactured with premium materials in a continuous venture to produce quality cases that are slim, sleek, and durable. We only work with environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM) facility and in-house team of product designers, manufacturing specialists, marketers and leaders that are obsess about technology, innovation, and building products that function and last. Over the last 10 years we have grown to an award-winning global designer and official manufacturer of iPhone covers and cases.

We have one clear mission in this saturated market and that is to be different. By providing cover cases that are simple and durable to maximize the end-user experience.